The Bar World of Tomorrow


The Bar World of Tomorrow

Raise the bar: Bringing you into the future sustainably, humanely and responsibly. This training course, developed in collaboration with Pernod Ricard, Trash Tiki and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, focuses on key learnings that the bartending community can use to prepare for the future of the industry. It covers all aspects of sustainability and responsibility from fresh ingredient use to the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages to waste management and is directly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The modules are based on four pillars (ingredients, service, bar and staff), helping to rebuild for a greener, more responsible and inclusive tomorrow. This course is also available in English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and French. Accessible from the Pernod Ricard section of the EdApp Content Library.

Training Overview

In this lesson you will learn how to find credible information about how sustainable your alcohol, soft or pre-made products are, from where the ingredients come from to the impact of their production.​ ​

In this module, you will explore 5 steps which can be applied when sourcing fresh ingredients for your drinks, which will help influence the sustainability of the ingredients you source.​

As a bar manager, owner or bartender, you have a responsibility to serve alcohol responsibly. ​ Serving alcohol in your venue means being at the forefront of responsible drinking.​ In this module you will be exploring how you can act professionally and responsibly when serving alcohol as a bartender.

As with many industries, hospitality has a heavy reliance on single use materials and, in some cases, these materials are vital to a smooth operation. However, this comes with a high environmental cost, and it’s time to understand which materials are really and truly necessary, beginning with the products with the shortest lifespan. ​

So far, you gained knowledge about how to reduce waste and change your supply streams. But no bar is completely zero waste (yet!). In this section you will learn about how to properly dispose of the waste that a bar creates.

Water and energy are precious resources. In this module, you will dive into the practices to follow and facilities you can use to help maximise efficiency.

A typical bar can use and waste a lot of ice during service. In this module you will explore what a bar can do to minimise its use of ice.​

This module will look at the importance of wellbeing, what that looks like for you as an individual, and then nurturing relationships with co-workers to do the same. ​

The nature of hospitality being customer focused, physically exerted, often working long and late hours, combine to make the industry a testing environment to work in.​ Therefore, it’s key we run businesses which consider the mental health of employees, and put in place basic foundations to build a positive work environment that employees feel they can build careers in.​

While writing workplace policy might not be the most exciting part of the business, it’s one of the most important pieces that can help foster a positive work culture. One that makes employees feel like they have a safety net in place should anything happen on shift. ​

Often, you may hear interesting ideas from fellow bartenders on how to improve the sustainability of the venue, however, don’t end up trying it out of fear of failure or due to operational challenges. In this module, we’ll explore how to successfully launch a new initiative in your venue.​

Trying to maintain momentum on sustainability and building it into the inner workings of your business, will take time. But this is crucial to sharing responsibility and building collective action.​
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