Embracing Dry January: Low-ABV Sips to Keep Spirits Bright

19 December 2023

As the New Year dawns, many of us embark on the journey of Dry January, choosing to abstain from alcoholic beverages for a healthier start to the year.

But just because you're opting for a sober month doesn't mean you have to forgot the pleasures of a well-crafted cocktail. The world of No and Low ABV cocktails offers a tantalizing array of flavors, and products like Lillet, Ceder's, and Malfy Gin make it even more exciting. Let's explore how you can savor the versatility of these products in creating healthier, alcohol-reduced cocktails.

lillet spritz
Lillet: The Aperitif with a Twist

Lillet is a French aperitif with a rich history and a balanced flavor profile. It's available in various styles, including Lillet Blanc, Lillet Rouge, and Lillet Rosé, each with its unique taste and aroma. Lillet can be a wonderful foundation for No and Low ABV cocktails, offering the elegance of an aperitif without the full alcoholic kick.
Lillet Spritz (7% ABV)
● 2 oz Lillet Blanc (or Lillet Rosé)
● 2 oz soda water
● Fresh citrus slices and a sprig of rosemary for garnish
Mix Lillet and soda water in a glass filled with ice. Garnish with citrus slices and a rosemary sprig. This refreshing spritz is the perfect choice for a light, alcohol-reduced aperitif.


basil smash
Ceder's: The Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Ceder's is a non-alcoholic distilled spirit that captures the essence of gin with botanicals and juniper. It's a fantastic alternative for those who want the classic gin experience without the alcohol content. Ceder's comes in various flavors, including Classic, Wild, and Crisp, making it versatile in creating No and Low ABV cocktails.
Ceder's Crisp basil smash (0% ABV)
● 50ml Ceder’s Crisp
● 10ml Simple Syrup
● 10ml Fresh Lemon Juice
● Top with Soda Water (optional)
● Fresh basil
Smash the basil and lemon in a cocktail shaker ​Add the rest of the ingredients (minus soda water) to the cocktail shaker filled with ice ​Then, shake vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds ​Next, strain into a rocks glass filled with ice and top with soda water if a longer drink is desired ​Finally, garnish with fresh basil, serve it proudly and enjoy​.

il vishio
Malfy Gin: The Italian Gin with Flair

Malfy Gin, hailing from Italy, offers a range of premium gins infused with the essence of Italian botanicals, citrus fruits, and Amalfi Coast flavor. Malfy's No and Low ABV options bring the same Mediterranean charm to your cocktails while reducing the alcohol content.
Il vischio (9% ABV)  
● 35ml malfy con limone    
● 20ml cranberry liqueur    
● 150ml with aromatic tonic    
● Lemon wedge, rosemary and star anise
Build in a highball over cubed ice, garnish with a lemon wedge, rosemary and star anise.  

Dry January doesn't mean sacrificing the pleasures of a well-crafted cocktail. Thanks to the versatility of products like Lillet, Ceder's, and Malfy Gin, you can enjoy the flavors of a great drink while reducing the alcohol content. These No and Low ABV cocktails not only support a healthier lifestyle but also offer a world of delicious possibilities. So, embrace the New Year with style, savor the variety of flavors, and raise a glass to a balanced and vibrant start to 2023. Cheers!

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