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07 November 2023

Welcome to your new go-to solution; flexible, personalized, localized marketing on-demand.

Wait, what’s hyble? 

Simply put, hyble is the name of our new marketing software. Building upon the original concept of the old ‘Brand Creator’ tool, we’ve worked tirelessly to build a new product from scratch – with improved features and capabilities; developed directly from your feedback.

What does hyble mean?

A lot of things!
We wanted a name that alluded to both the historical and future capabilities of our product. At a glance, hyble is a double entendre; it can be read as high ball (a drinking vessel - denoting our expertise servicing the beverage industry) or high-ball (to proceed at great speed; a metaphor for driving sales and a quick-to-use functionality). The word hyble itself also marries a number of concepts which encapsulate our new product…


Watch this video for more: 

logging in.jpg
Logging In

You can access the app on desktop or on a tablet by following the below link*:  pwa.hyble.app
Once you’re logged in, select your customer and get creative!

*We recommend using google chrome on desktop for the best experience.


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Getting Started

1. You can quickly and easily find the right template. Filter by format, size, occasion, brand, and style.
2. Preview all your completed orders or pick up where you left off with a draft!

add and edit a menu section .jpg
Add and Edit a Menu Section

Add a Menu Section to your canvas to start adding products Add products from your brand's pre-populated catalogue by selecting the + in the product box. Within the Format tab you can change the alignment and spacing of each section, as well as toggle between showing images, prices, and descriptions for all products.


1. Choose from an extensive range of font styles, colours, and sizes to customise your menu. You can move the text freely around the page or even rotate it.
2. Upload product images, key visuals, or even customer logos! Or you can use our badges section to add your brand logos
3. Choose from a huge library of high-quality stock images to create your very own backgrounds. 
4. Not finding quite the right template? add your very own background- straight from your personal gallery. (Just make sure you are using high quality images for best results!)


Complete checkout in just 2 steps:
Select your order type, paper type, and quantity all in a single step.
Search for a delivery address. All you need to do is enter the first part of the address and select the correct one from the dropdown and the from will automatically populate with a valid address.

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Here to Help!

Our support team are always on hand to help with any questions or issues you may come across while using the app.
You can reach them from within the app by using this button… …or directly via email on support@mrmglobal.com
For more information please contact
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