2023 Archive - Re-live the event from Summer 2022

30 March 2023

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Here you will can re-live the all the excitement from Summer 2022 in Warsaw, Poland - meet the competitors & see the cocktail creations.

A look back at the second installment of our Rising stars live event. Meet the finalists from all across Europe, Middle East & Africa that joined us in Warsaw, Poland at the Polish Vodka Museum.​ ​ Take a look and be inspired for next year’s live event.

Diego Baud

Diego brought us his cocktail as a reflection of 20 passionate years in hospitality - working both in front and back of the house and now as a mixologist. A burst aromatic flavours, the first, and iconic ingredient in many dishes of Barcelona is saffron. Following with a hint of salinity of the Mediterranean Sea tones found in Fino Sherry, and some Spanish sage picked fresh from the Hotel Arts’ organic garden adding a herbaceous touch. Beefeater Gin with its nine botanicals combines all these flavour ingredients together. Earth & Sea Collide was paired with an alga noir tempura that was flash-fried with small dollops of squid ink aioli, bringing the flavours of the Sea and Earth together.

Krzysztof  Kalita
Krzysztof Kalita

Krzysztof impressed the judging panel with his "S&B Highball". S&B representing salt & bread have a deep meaning in Polish culture: as the basis of food, it was supposed to ensure life and protect it. Bread and salt greeted travelers returning or coming from distant trips. Krzysztof created a Mint Kvass to accompany Chivas Regal at the heart of his serve. With sustainability at its heart, the Kvass is made with stale leftover sourdough rye bread and takes four days to prepare. When combined with the rich honey and ripe pear notes of Chivas 12 it makes a super highball. This entry impressed the judging panel so much that Krzysztof was awarded the sustainabilty champion trophy for his S&B creation!!

Laszlo Hejja
Laszlo Hejja

Coming to the final from Liz and Chain Sky Bar at Marriott Budapest, Laszlo presented “Wash”. Focussing on Jameson reimagined with a fat wash. This cocktails base spirit is washed by the finest Hungarian cattle! Laszlo’s cocktail creation combination really brings out the best of the Irish whiskey flavours.

Ernesto  Carneiro
Ernesto Carneiro

Ernesto represented the W Barcelona at the final in Warsaw. His cocktail reflected on the diverse cultures of the city, blending diverse foreign cuisines from Maghreb, Chinese to African, but mainly its gastronomy based on the Mediterranean. In Ernesto’s cocktail, “Free Dalí”, he brought us a little of those Mediterranean flavours, and showed the cultural diversity that we can find in Barcelona. Basically, a bread with tomato in a liquid form. The garnish - a Mediterranean chip made with the pulp left over from the Mediterranean water dehydrated. The cocktail name Free Dalí is based on the struggle of the Catalans for independence, but also on Dalí's struggle to have his surrealist art recognised.

Apostolos   Konstantinou
Apostolos Konstantinou

Apostolos introuduced us to his Green Terrace Highball Gimlet, created with Beefeater Gin. Apostolos created a gimlet that had roots from his home country, Greece. He crafted a blend of homemade grass cordial and lime juice with Beefeater and topped it with a grapefruit soda and a rosemary sprig.

Sara  Lema Crespo
Sara Lema Crespo

Sara was inspired by the natural beauty around where she works at the W Verbier hotel.

This cocktail represents nature, the mountain, the snow and all the scents that surround them alongside the sourcing of local products.

The basis of this creation is pear and cheese, which are two flagship products from the region. Sara used up pears from breakfast to make juice and then used dehydrated their skin as a garnish to close the loop. Finished with Gruyère cheese from the chefs to make a mousse with the flavours of the Mountains.

Nicola  Giacomazzo
Nicola Giacomazzo

Nicola represented the St. Regis hotel in Venice with his Chivas Regal based cocktail "Pierazzo". The cocktail was inspired by the Manhattan, in place of the vermut using a homemade spiced wine – chosen especially to avoid open bottles wine wastage, instead cooking the wine with spices and citrus peels.

Spices recall the leading role Venice Port had trough history, importing goods from the whole world, about the citrus peels, using the ones from citrus that had been squeezed to make the juices for the bar and the restaurant, to have the fruit fully used and avoid waste.

Roberto  Catelano
Roberto Catelano

Represting the Prince de Galles hotel in Paris, Roberto set out to make us fall in love, with his magical home city of Paris, as much as he did during the last few years he's lived there. He gave us the keys of the city through aromas, style, diversity and culture. Crafting both Martell VSOP and Chivas, Roberto brought the city to life in the glass.

Pdianghun  Lapasam
Pdianghun Lapasam

Travelling all the way from Wahm at the W Doha, Pdianghum came with her passion for sustainability and reducing waste in bars. Her inspiration and creativity was reflected in her signature cocktail entry - “Wishlist 101”. Fruity, citrusy and refreshing Wishlist 101 was made with Jameson Irish whiskey and typically discarded leftovers in the bar: such as cucumber peels, lime wheels, orange peels, yuzu juice and grapefruit juice.

Lyle  Human
Lyle Human

Lyle's journeyed to the final from South Africa, representing Fire & Ice at Protea Hotel. At Fire & Ice the team utilize a lot of pineapple & apple which has many off cuts, so he decided to ferment the two fruits with sugar and water for recycling purposes. Adding earl grey tea to compliment the Jameson whiskey. Just like his hotel, it is a classic that is modernized!

Kieran  Madden
Kieran Madden

Kieran joined us from Leeds and was a returning finalist having made it to the inaugural final of Rising Stars in London. Kieran's experience and expertise shone through in his cocktail submission - "Kathleens" a tribute to his grandmother and embracing many sustainable principles and techniques. With a base of Jameson Black Barrel, washed with local white chocolate the serve was a huge crowd pleaser.

Conor  Smart
Conor Smart

Hailing from Ireland's capital, Dublin, Conor is based at The Shelbourne Hotel where he drew inspiration for the nearby Grand Canal for his cocktail creation of the same name. Conor paired Beefeater Gin with fresh strawberry infused mezcal, at the same time ensuring that the leftover fruit didn't go to waste at the end of service. Conor harmonised the serve with a milk punch and topped with soda.

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