Congratulations Dorothy - Rising Stars Champion 2023

05 October 2023

Rising Stars Winner - Dorothy Lam
From nearly 300 entries, to a final 14 - Dorothy Lam was crowned Rising Stars champion 2023 at the live finale in London.
Satya & Dorothy
On Wednesday 27th September, Satya Anand, President Marriott International, announced the winner of our Rising Stars 2023

Our winner, Dorothy Lam created her winning cocktail: “East & West” using Beefeater 24 Gin.

Dorothy works at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London – Bourbon Bar at JW Steakhouse.


Dorothy Lam
Dorothy’s Cocktail Inspiration

As a bartender coming from Hong Kong and working in London, my cocktail is inspired by the nostalgic flavours of the two cities - London’s rhubarb & custard and HK style milk tea (i.e. blend of teas with evaporated milk).

Rhubarb is popular in British. However seasonal, the taste doesn’t fade after frozen and suitable to use whole year. A syrup been made to sweeten the drink, while the used chunks are pickled as garnish in a “left-over champagne” acid solution, the pickle juice has also been fully used in the milk wash process.

Taking the London-distilled Beefeater 24 as the base spirit for its use of tea as botanical, the cocktail is a twist of a London-born classic - Hanky Panky. As a gin-aperitif, alongside rhubarb and the tea tincture as bitter agent, a UK aperitif using sustainable source of British fruits is included.

Lastly, a HK-style milk tea is nothing without shelf stable evaporated milk. To finish, the liquid is milk-washed for a full-mouthfeel as enjoying a HK milk tea.

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