Rising Stars Competition 2024 – Stayin’Alive

19 January 2024

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Learn all about this year’s competition, "Stayin’ Alive" here!

In 2024 Rising Stars challengers will be pushed to their creative limits, to re-imagine a drink from the past, with a unique & sustainable twist.
We’re looking for 10 competitors to join us in Ireland in September 2024. We’re going to fly you in, put you up and invite you to join us in the full agenda of seminars, masterclasses and challenges, with partners Jameson, Lavazza & London Essence.
So – would you rather watch it online or will you be there with us next year?
We’re looking for some of the best talent within Marriott International EMEA – travel to Ireland with us then journey on a 7-day adventure, sharpening your skills, engaging with the masters and even pitting your wits against Marriott colleagues from throughout EMEA.
At the end of the adventure one person will become THE Rising Star 2024.

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Dorothy Rising Stars
There are three steps to entering Rising Stars

1. Complete your Bar World of Tomorrow training [Bar World of Tomorrow]
2. Complete your Bar Smarts training [BarSmarts]
          Use Password: MARRIOTTSMARTS
3. Create your cocktail submission [Cocktail Submission]

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Register & Access Rising Stars Platform Here

Rising Stars EMEA - Use Password: Marriott1927

RS Finale 2023

Your Cocktail Creation Cocktail Challenge

Reviving 1970’s, 80’s & 90’s retro cocktails & serves, with a unique and sustainable twist

Bringing a classic drink from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s into a contemporary age, demonstrating modern skills, alongside sustainable techniques, to produce an approachable, stylish cocktail, suitable for the Marriott Guest, with an authentic, engaging, narrative. Our brand partners this year are below, and you will need to use one of their products as the base spirit (minimum of 25ml).

● Altos Tequila ● Del Maguey ● Beefeater ● Monkey 47 ●
● Jameson ● Redbreast ● Chivas Regal ● Martell ● Absolut ●

Cocktail guidelines

● Each entrant will need to design a cocktail using at least one closed loop ingredient inspired by Disco Drinks from the 1970’s, 80’s or 90’s.
● Cocktail names should not use lewd or offensive language.
● A maximum of 7 ingredients to be used in cocktails. (Garnishes do not count as an ingredient).

Competition Details

● Begin your two trainings today.  You will receive a digital certificate of completion once accomplished, (you will need to upload these with your cocktail entry). 

● Bar World of Tomorrow [Bar World of Tomorrow]
● BarSmarts [BarSmarts - Use Password: MARRIOTTSMARTS]
● Cocktail Submisson [Cocktail Submission]

● Entries close 24/03/24
● All entrants must be above the legal alcohol age in their country of residence. And a minimum of 18yo.
● Finalists must be able to travel between 20th of September to the 26th.
● Finalists must have a valid passport.
● Finalists must be able to obtain a travel visa for Republic of Ireland.
● Entrants must complete Bar Smarts & Bar World of Tomorrow Trainings before cocktail entry. 

Cocktail Submission Entries

● Cocktail must use at least one closed loop ingredient
● Cocktail must be inspired by a classic by Disco Drink from the 1970’s, 80’s or 90’s.
● Cocktail must use a Pernod Ricard spirit, from the brands, Altos Tequila, Del Maguey, Beefeater, Monkey 47, Jameson, Redbreast, Chivas Regal, Martell, Absolut.
● Cocktail names should not use lewd or offensive language.
● A maximum of 7 ingredients to be used in cocktails. (Garnishes do not count as an ingredient).

Finalist Selection (Judging) Process

● Closed Loop application- 30 Points
● Inspiration/Story- 25 Points
● Drink Name- 5 Points
● Taste & Presentation- 25 Points
● Technique- 15 Points

Finalist Judges

3 Judges from Marriott International EMEA & Drinks Specialist from Pernod Ricard Global

Entry Submission

● The window for entry submission is now open and can be accessed from the homepage.
● Now open, the submission window will be available until midnight on 24th March 2024.

What Now?

1. Complete both of your trainings
● Bar World of Tomorrow [Bar World of Tomorrow]
● Bar Smarts [BarSmarts - Use Password: MARRIOTTSMARTS]
2. Begin to consider and plan your cocktail creation – make time with your manager to ideate and refine your ideas together.
3. Enter your submission & upload both certificates of completion.
[Cocktail Submission]

Please enjoy our brands responsibly. Do not share this website with anyone under legal drinking age.

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