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29 September 2023

Roundtables by SIP
We are proud to announce that SIP will be at Bar Convent Berlin through a special collaboration, from October 9th to 11th. For the very first time since the launch of Pernod Ricard’s Trade Advocacy program, we’ll be meeting you there to help shape together the future of hospitality. How about joining us at this major event to engage with your industry? Round tables, workshops, guest shifts, thrilling experiences... Book your agenda now.

Round Tables by SIP: meet the pioneers of your industry

For the first time, SIP launches, in partnership with BCB, the Round Tables by SIP, an intimate discussion forum for the guests of BCB who are looking to reflect and interact directly with Industry leaders and experts about the most pressing issues of the industry.

Freedom of speech and comfort will be at the core of this initiative, in a casual space totally reflecting the spirit of SIP and the conviction that you are the heroes of hospitality. Feel at ease and just come share your own voice, to raise complex questions and real issues.

20 people around a table, all opinions and ideas are welcome.

Monday October 9th 13:00 to 14:00 and Tuesday October 10th 14:30-15:30

What does Success look like for Gen Z bartenders, they’re a pain in the… or are they?
Moderator: Sandrae Lawrence, SIP Curator & Founder, The Cocktail Lovers
Panelists: Axel Söderström, Gen Z Bartender at Tjoget Stockholm & Liam Davy, Head Of Bars, The Hawksmoor Group

As a "culture shock" between the next and previous generations is happening, the Gen Z expectations are evolving and reshaping hierarchy models as well as the meaning of “success”. What are today’s priorities? Does personal fulfilment surpasses the amount of money they make or of responsibilities they assume?


Monday October 9th - 14:30 to 15:30

Untapping the creative process - How to get your creative juices flowing when your brain doesn’t want to play ball?
Moderator: Sandrae Lawrence, SIP Curator & Founder, The Cocktail Lovers
Panelists: Sam Bompas, Co-founder, Bompas & Parr & Christina Viera Co-owner, Bar Mordecai, Toronto

The bar of yesterday has died... long live the bar of tomorrow! Much more than just offering goods drinks, venues now need to be more creative than ever and imagine disruptive – yet not too restrictive – concepts for their guests. What can you create immersive experiences? How do you find the balance being innovation and expected traditions?


Monday October 9th 16:00-17:00

Vodka doesn’t always pay the bills, dealing with energy crisis and inflation
Sponsored by Bar World of Tomorrow
Moderator: Maciek Starosolski, Spirits Educator & Global Vodka Ambassador, Bar World Of Tomorrow
Panelists: JJ Goodman, Creative Director & Owner of The Cocktail Club, UK & Roisin Stimpson, Co-founder of Nightjar, Oriole & The Swift Bars, London

It’s no secret the last years energy crisis, war & inflation have had a huge impact on our Industry. The continuous rising costs of electricity, ingredients, shipping and more has been a tough nut to crack for many operators.
Could this be our chance to make things better, improve through sustainability across verticals, for our operations & push our industry towards transformation?


Monday October 9th 17:30-18:30

Money matters, funding your dream
Moderator: Sandrae Lawrence, SIP Curator & Founder, The Cocktail Lovers
Panelists: JJ Goodman, Creative Director & Owner The London Cocktail Club, UK
& Josephine Sondlo, Co-founder, Bar Afterglow Stockholm
& Jack Parker, Co-founder, Bar Afterglow Stockholm

Owning a bar is not just about serving drinks to nice people and having. It requires a solid business plan and consequent investments. Where and how to find investors? How to convince people to believe in your project?... How to avoid transforming the dream into a nightmare?


Tuesday October 10th 13:00-14:00

Innovation & Collaboration - two heads better than one
Moderator: Michael Bergström, Purfict Drinks agency & Bartenders’ Choice Awards
Panelists: Paul Aguilar, Flavour R&D, Himkok, Oslo & Emanuele Balestra, Master Mixologist, Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes

Curious about how collaboration improves your ideas and solves problems that in the long run lead to more innovation?
This round table session aims to help you get an insight on how several ideas come to life through collaboration with the right people and understand the principles applied. Our goal is to push you in the direction that helps you make your process more efficient, increase the success and also improve your communication.


Tuesday October 10th 16:00-17:00

Bars matter - How do bars influence the economy and identity of your neighborhoods
Sponsored by Jameson Hosts
Moderator: Lewamm Ghebremariam, Business & Culture Entrepreneur, Boardmember Clubcommission Berlin
Panelist: Mirik Milan Co-founder, Vibe Lab, Former Night Mayor, Amsterdam

Has the social traditional goal of a bar in a neighborhood evolved over time? More than just serving drinks, is it not all about offering experiences now? Then, as a manager, how do you create and maintain a good relationship with your neighborhood and how do you retain customers? And how can your bar contribute to the local economy and community?


Tuesday October 10th 17:30-18:30

Get it out loud - Breaking down toxic work environments should be our mission
Sponsored by Bar World of Tomorrow
Moderator: Maciek Starosolski, Spirits Educator & Global Vodka Ambassador, Bar World Of Tomorrow
Panelists: Christina Viera, Co-owner, Bar Mordecai Toronto & Evert De Jong, co-owner of Sin+Tax, Johannesburg

We’ve all been there... Having to cope with unpleasant colleagues and pressure but... when does it go too far? And how to identify the first signs of toxic management? And how do you raise and try solving the problem? Also, as the Gen Z evolving expectations reshape hierarchy models, do management processes have to change? And how to avoid becoming a toxic manager yourself?...


Wednesday October 11th 12:00-13:00

Bar Communities on the rise - Meet the new influential markets and get a deeper look into what’s in their “shaker”
Sponsored by Absolut
Moderator: Kresan Naidu, Global Trade Advocacy Manager, Absolut Vodka
Panelists: Cassandra Eichhoff, Director European Bartender School, South Africa & Márcio Silva, Bar Industry Consultant São Paulo

*De-westernising cool* is an insight that’s influencing all creative industries. Though inspiration was once limited to coming from the big metropolises of the world, now more than ever we're now looking to under-explored scenes where creativity is thriving.


Wednesday October 11th 13:30- 14:30

Dubai Dreams - Curious about a job where benefits, taxes and hours are incomparable
Moderator: Michael Bergström, Purfict Drinks agency & Bartenders’ Choice Awards
Panelists: Glenn Eldridge, Regional Ambassador Dubai Pernod Ricard Gin Portfolio & Ma Melanie Tuy, Bar Manager, Hawker Boi Dubai

Join the table and get a chance to talk directly to a couple of veteran expat bartenders if you are interested in a market that screams for skilled bartenders.


Book your sessions here now and come meet us at BCB x SIP Studio, 1st floor

Bar portfolio and Guest shifts by SIP: meet the trendiest bars

Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th October, 11:00-17:30

Portfolio Bar featuring Tjoget, Stockholm
Sponsored by Altos, la Hechicera, Havana Club 7, Absolut
Come for a drink prepared by Drinks by Hedda Bruce & Axel Söderström.
Ranked 71 in Worlds 50 Best Bars, Tjoget is a neighbourhood restaurant with a worldclass bar, situated in Hornstull, Stockholm. Their concept is rooted in the Mediterranean region and is heavily influenced by the urban and rural spots in southern Europe, northern Africa & Middle east.

Monday 9th October, 11:00-17:30

Guest shift: Ihro, Manheim
Sponsored by Jameson Hosts
Come for a drink prepared by Drinks by Udo Bosch.
IHRO, Manheim, winner of the 2022 Mixology Award for education and sustainability, is a classic cocktail bar with bespoke drinks founded in 2019 by Jonathan Morten Keßeler. They are known to produce almost all their ingredients themselves in an urban farming concept and their team firmly believes that bars can change the neighborhood life of densely populated inner cities.


Tuesday 10th October, 14:00-17:00

Guest shift: Himkok, Oslo
Sponsored by Altos Tequila
Come for a drink prepared by Drinks by Anastasia Gota.
Ranked 43 in Worlds 50 Best Bars, Himkok’s cocktail bar is a part of their distillery, housed in an old fur factory in Oslo, that feels like you are walking into an old laboratory from the bygone era, making it a one-of-a-kind experience in the Nordics.


Wednesday 11th October, 13:00-14:00

Guest shift: Hawker Boi & Soul Kitchen, Dubai
Sponsored by Monkey 47
Hawkerboi, often described as the Banksy of Dubai’s foodie scene. The new menu takes inspiration from Hawkerboi’s past life in the Far East, influenced by bustling street-food hawkers in Malaysia and Thailand.

Come meet them and gather with us at BCB x SIP Studio, 1st floor

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