Heroes of Hospitality-Angie Moors

24 June 2024

Angie Moors
Meet Angie Moors, the mastermind behind unforgettable events at TX Whiskey Ranch!

Introduce yourself and your current position.  
I’m Angie Moors, Events & Hospitality Manager for TX Whiskey Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Could you briefly describe your current role and responsibilities? 

It’s about curating memorable experiences for our guests. Taking a holistic approach, every aspect of our events from inception to promotion is meticulously planned and seamlessly executed. 
The role entails booking diverse private events, from corporate gatherings to intimate birthdays and anniversaries. I oversee standard programming, including iconic events like Whiskey Wednesdays, coordinating food trucks, live musicians, staffing, and essential logistics. I also craft bespoke experiences, from exclusive bottle releases to themed movie nights and ventures with local businesses—be it Donut Day or Texas Independence Day.  
Beyond planning and execution, I am responsible for creating and managing event listings on our software platform, Peek, and work with media, e-commerce, and marketing teams to amplify our high-priority events on platforms including Facebook event pages.

Professional Anecdote:
Can you share a memorable anecdote from your time as a TX Whiskey event manager that highlights a unique aspect of your role or a particularly impactful interaction you had? 

My journey with the company began just as the pandemic took hold—a surreal start to a new chapter. Excitement mingled with uncertainty as I stepped into a role I had eagerly anticipated, only to find myself confined to home just days later.  Amid the global unease, navigating a position that relied heavily on personal interaction felt daunting.  
Determined to contribute meaningfully, I drew upon my finance background to assist our finance department during a maternity leave and supported various initiatives, from manufacturing sanitiser to curb-side pickup programs. It was a period of growth, resilience, and invaluable learning—a testament to the strength of our team and the power of adaptability in the face of uncertainty. 

WR Head Table in Front of FP

Career Evolution:  

How did your roles as a catering and sales manager and an F&B manager equip you with the necessary skills and insights for your current role as an event manager at TX Whiskey? 
I began on the operational side, where I immersed myself in the intricate details of event setup, staff scheduling, and execution. Overseeing a team of 70 staff across multiple facilities, including golf courses, recreational amenities and private event spaces taught me invaluable lessons in stress management, time prioritisation, and team leadership.  
Transitioning into catering sales, I leveraged this operational expertise to drive creativity, promote event spaces, and foster deeper connections within my team. Venturing into off-premise catering added an exhilarating dimension.  
Each role has contributed to my growth and culminated in my current position at TX Whiskey. 

Skill Application:  

Which specific skills from your catering and sales background have been instrumental in planning and executing events for TX Whiskey? 
In essence, my approach revolves around meticulous attention to detail, seamless organisation, and clear, proactive communication. 
Precision is my hallmark—I thrive on the minutiae. If you were to ask past or current colleagues, they’d all attest to my unwavering attention to detail. It’s a bit of a running joke, but I genuinely relish the intricacies.  
Success to me encompasses not only the guest experience but the well-being of our staff. If I can contribute to their confidence in executing an event smoothly, then I consider my mission accomplished.  

Event Strategy: 

As an event manager, what is your process for creating memorable experiences? Could you outline the key elements that guide your strategy? 
I immerse myself in the guest experience from start to finish. It begins with their initial encounter and continues as they arrive and are greeted. Every detail ensures ease of navigation, a smooth flow, and, most importantly, a WOW factor that leaves guests eager for a return visit.  
Contingency plans are in place for inclement weather, always with the guest's comfort and enjoyment in mind. Establishing the event's theme and objectives, along with identifying key talking points for guests upon departure, forms the bedrock of my planning process.  
Collaboration with our vendor partners and local businesses is integral—seeking innovative and engaging experiences to enrich our guests' enjoyment. Moreover, I value the collective creativity of our team, involving them in the planning process. Their diverse perspectives often yield invaluable insights and ideas. 

Guests and Courtyard.

Challenges and Rewards:  

Transitioning into your role at TX Whiskey must have had its challenges. Could you share some of these challenges and how you addressed them? What aspects of your current role do you find most fulfilling? 
While event planning has been a cornerstone of my career for years, this role shifted the focus towards crafting immersive brand experiences, particularly with TX Whiskey and Pernod Ricard. Delving into the processes behind whiskey production has been captivating. The culmination of this knowledge, coupled with my expertise in event planning, allows me to orchestrate experiences that leave guests enraptured.  
Witnessing guests depart with infectious enthusiasm, anticipating their return and eager to share their experiences with others, validates our success. It’s the ultimate affirmation that we’ve fulfilled our mission. 

Future Trends:  

Drawing from your broad experience in the food, beverage, and now whiskey industries, what trends do you anticipate will shape event management for spirit brands in the coming years? 
Crafting cocktails typically associated with other spirits but infusing our twist with whiskey can captivate non-whiskey drinkers, enticing them to explore our product further. This drives whiskey purchases at restaurants and bars and repeat attendance at our events to sample future releases.  
A new VIP program we are working on will cater to both connoisseurs and newcomers, blending science and education with the excitement of our events.  
Curating themed events, like Texas Independence Day celebrations, which incorporates elements such as boot-shining, hat-shaping, armadillo races, Texas-themed merchandise, live music, and culinary delights (Texas BBQ and TX Whiskey-Infused apple pie). This is the essence of what makes Texas great!  

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